Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is this book about?

This is a two volume book that delves into the history of Nintendo's merchandising efforts during their heyday, specifically covering the NES, Gameboy and Super NES. The focus of the book is on the World of Nintendo retail merchandising program.

Why would I buy this book?

If you're interested in seeing photographs of Nintendo retail displays in the late 80s and early 90s, or if you're fascinated by merchandising and Nintendo's history, or if you're a collector of merchandising displays, this book is for you.

When will the book ship?

There has already been an initial print run of the first volume that has sold out.  A kickstarter page has been created for the reprint of the first volume and to help fund the second volume. The first volume reprint should ship in late summer or early fall of 2023.  The second volume should ship in summer 2024.

How many books will be printed?

The number of books printed will be based on kickstarter funding.

How many volumes will there be?

Currently, only two volumes.

What's inside the book?

It is filled with photographs that take readers through the history of Nintendo merchandising during the World of Nintendo program.  The pictures are accompanied by the story of how Nintendo was so successful at retail.  Descriptions of the displays and how they were used are also included.

Where did the author get this information?

The author spent years gathering information from various sources such as former Nintendo management, executives, display manufacturers, and merchandisers in the field.

Where did the photos come from?

Most of the photos were taken by people present at the time, either in a store or at a trade show. These photos were hard to find as people did not take pictures as often as they do today. All of the images have undergone meticulous digital restoration.

What are the QR codes for in the book?

Both volumes contain QR codes that link to videos that were acquired over the years from various sources. Most of the videos have not been seen before and offer an exciting look at the history and personalities of early Nintendo.

Will there be a digital version?

Not something the author is considering at this time.